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Oswald Cobblepot x Reader
In Need of Your Service

The man before them trembled and stuttered, “P-please… S-s-sir… I didn’t m-mean… to anger you…” In front of the fireplace, sitting in his elaborate wooden chair sat the King of Gotham himself, Oswald Cobblepot. He held his chin in his palm, and looked upon the man lazily. He spun his wine in its glass with his free hand, then took a slow sip. He sighed and glanced over at Zsasz. “Victor, please take care of this whimpering fool. He bores me.”

Victor looked upon the man with a devilish smile, “With pleasure, sir.” He grabbed the man by his collar and started dragging him out of the room, “Wait! WAIT! I’M SORRY!!! I DIDN’T MEAN-” There was a gunshot. Then silence.

Zsasz strolled back into the room a short time later with a grin on his face, but it fell when he saw the look Oswald was giving his wine glass. “Sir, is something wrong?” Oswald gave another sigh and chugged the rest of his drink. He then threw the glass against the wall, causing Gabe and Butch to jump and look down into their laps.

Oswald let his gaze wonder the room they were in. He saw dust collecting on the antiques, the room was dark and empty feeling, as was the nagging hole in his heart. “Yes. Something is wrong, Victor. And I’m not sure what to do about it.”

Victor took a few steps forward to stand in front of his boss, “Sir, what is it? You can tell us.” Butch and Gabe looked to their king as well and eagerly nodded, “Anything at all, boss.” Gabe offered. Oswald huffed, then gestured to the room. “This. This is what is wrong. There is nothing but emptiness and sadness. Nothing seems to even live here. Everywhere I look there’s no joy. I thought when I’d become king of Gotham then I’d be happy. But instead, I feel worse…” He looked down into his lap and tugged on his pants, “…does that make sense?...” he whispered, looking very similar to a pouting child.

Butch smirked a bit, “Sounds to me like this place could use a woman’s touch. And it sounds like it could do you some good as well.” He winked at his boss, nudging Gabe in the ribs. Oswald’s face shot up, his blue eyes burning holes into Butch. “You think I need a woman?! One that will make me weak?!” He started to rise out of his chair, but Zsasz held up his hand, “Sir, maybe Butch has a point. Maybe instead of thinking of it as a woman, you think of it as hiring a maid.”

Oswald furrowed his eyebrows, slowly sinking into his chair, “A maid?” “Yeah, you know, a lady to come clean and cook. She could help liven the place up, y’know?” Victor looked around, “This place could use a woman’s touch. And if she makes it better in here, it will make you feel better.” He looked back at his boss, who was deep in thought. Victor gave a soft smile, “I actually know of someone. She’d be great at this kind of work.”

The king chewed on his bottom lip, finally giving a short nod, “Alright. Give her a call. Let’s give her an interview. And if I like her, she can work here.” Victor softly bowed his head, “As you wish, Sir. Please excuse me while I step out and call her.” In a few short steps, he was out in the hallway. He pulled out his mobile phone and dialed a number he had dialed many times before. After it rang a few times, a voice came through,


“What are you doing right now?”

“…Well hello to you too, Victor.”

Zsasz chuckled, “Hello, (Y/n). Now what are you doing?”

“Well, I’m totally not in my pajamas eating ice cream out of the tub while watching television. That’s definitely not happening. Why does that matter?”

“I have a job for you.”

“Aw, Zsasz, you know I don’t do that anymore…” He could hear you take another mouthful of ice cream, causing him to laugh.

“No, not that kind of job. My boss is looking for a maid.”

There was a short pause as you swallowed your ice cream. “Victor, that would be great and all, and I could really use the money. But I doubt your boss would hire me.”

“And why not? I recommended you.”

“But Vic, I’m in college. I have classes I can’t miss. He’s not going to want a maid that can only work part-time.” Another mouthful of ice cream, “Besides,” it was difficult to hear with your full mouth, “being a maid sounds dumb.”

Zsasz sighed, “If I talk to him about your schooling and he is alright with it, will you at least think about it?”


Victor smiled, “Good. I’ll call you back when I talk it over with him.”

“Ok. Good luck, Vic.”

Zsasz strutted back into the room, where Oswald was waiting and pacing impatiently, “So? What did she say?”

Victor shrugged, “She would think about it. But there’s a catch.” Oswald looked at his assassin with furrowed eyebrows, “What?” Victor clasped his hands together in front of him, “She would only be able to work part-time.” Oswald groaned and rolled his eyes, resuming his pacing. “She is a full-time college student, Boss. She’s paying for those classes and she can’t miss them. She could really use the money, but she didn’t figure you’d want a maid here only part-time.”

Oswald stopped and leaned on the mantle, looking into the fire, “She’s right. I wouldn’t.” He remained quiet for a few minutes, lost in thought. “Gabe.” He turned abruptly and looked at his henchman, “Put out an ad for any able women that would be interested in a maid’s position. Do not put any monetary information on it, as we would discuss that in an interview.” Gabe nodded and with a short “Yessir,” he set out to work. Oswald looked at Victor and Butch, “You two are in charge of finding me a good maid. I want one that’s trustworthy. Smart. Able to fight if need be.” The two nodded and stood as their boss started to leave the room. “And make sure she knows who she would be working for!” He called out behind him.

The two sat down and looked at each other, “I’m sorry he didn’t go for your friend idea. Why do you want her on board? You see how awful he can be to people.” Butch motioned after Oswald, looking at Zsasz quizzically.

Victor smiled back, “Because she is truly an amazing person. And I think she’d be perfect for our boss. She’s kind, and pretty, and he needs a woman more than he realizes. Plus,” he turned and smirked at the door, “She’s more than capable of handling herself. Before this is said and done, I guarantee you that she will be the maid here.” Butch threw up his hands and shrugged, “If you say so.”

-----A few days later-----

Butch slammed his head into the table, “Why are so many of these women hookers?”

Victor looked down at the wanted ad that had been put out, “Gabe, did you seriously only put ‘Maid Wanted for King of Gotham’? No wonder…” Gabe put up his hands in defense, “I didn’t know what else to put. He told me to be as vague as possible.”

“Yeah, well, you were too vague in my opinion. Now all we have are hookers who don’t know how to do a damn think but screw!” Victor argued.

“Might actually do the boss some good…”

“BUTCH! I SWEAR!!!” Butch chuckled to himself. “Well, what do we tell the boss?”

Zsasz rubbed his temples, “We tell him the truth. Because he’ll find out either way.”

“I’ll find out what, Victor?”

The three turned to see their boss entering the room, his stagger prominent as he tried to quickly reach the table. “Well? Where’s my new maid?”

Butch sighed and rubbed his eyes, “There is no maid sir. The ad was so vague the women that applied were not maids, but hookers dressed as maids to come and take a shot at you and your money.”

Oswald’s face turned bright pink, “Oh. I didn’t think that’s how the ad would be taken…” He looked down at the ground, softly kicking his foot against the carpet. Victor glanced over at him, “Will you give my friend a chance now? At least talk to her.”

“I told you I don’t want a part-time maid.” Oswald stomped his foot and pouted.

Butch looked at Victor inquisitively, “Who is this friend of yours anyway?” Zsasz grinned and pulled out his phone, quickly finding a picture from the last time the two of you had visited, “Her name is (Y/n) (L/n). She’s amazing. I grew up with her, and she’s like a little sister to me.” He handed the phone over to Butch, who looked closely at the image.

“Wow. She’s pretty.”

Zsasz nodded in agreement, “And she’s smart too. Wicked smart.” Gabe looked over Butch’s shoulder at the image, “She looks nice. Like a kind-hearted person.”

Oswald clicked his tongue once and took a few steps towards them, “Let me see that.” He took the phone from Butch and glanced at the image. He had to do a double-take; looking back at him was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She was caught mid-laugh, her cheeks rosy and her (e/c) eyes twinkling with joy. He could almost hear her musical giggle, and it made him chuckle quietly. He wanted to be the cause of that laughter…

“…But you heard the boss. He doesn’t want a part-time maid.”

Oswald turned a little too eagerly, “Wait!” The three others turned and looked expectantly at him. He stood up straight and cleared his throat, then offered Zsasz his phone back. “Maybe I was too hasty. Why not give this girl a call and see if she’ll come by? It wouldn’t hurt to talk to her, after all.”

Victor smirked at his boss, “Alright, Sir. Give me a moment.” He stood up and walked back to the hallway, dialing your number again.


“Hey, (Y/n). You nearby like I asked you to be?”

“Yeah, but I don’t understand why you wanted me out here. You said he didn’t want a part-time maid.”

“But I also told you he’d change his mind once he saw a picture of you. And he did. So come on. He wants to talk to you.”

“…Okay. I’m coming.”

Zsasz grinned and shut his phone, walking back into the room. Oswald looked up at him like an excited child, “Well?”

“She’s on her way, Sir. Just give her a few minutes.” Victor walked over and sat back down in his chair. Oswald became very fidgety, looking down at his suit and picking at some of the lint that had stuck to it, “Oh, my. Am I presentable enough? You think this is okay?”

“Boss, you’re just meeting a girl about a maid job. You aren’t meeting the queen.” Gabe said. Oswald nodded, “You’re right. I just need to relax. Get me some wine, won’t you?” Gabe sighed and walked to the kitchen to get the bottle and glass, as Oswald tried to calm himself by taking several deep breaths. He sat in his chair, trying to make himself look as regal as possible. Gabe returned shortly with the wine, and the king chugged his first glass in three seconds flat. He filled it up again and waited for your arrival.

When you got out of your car, you looked up at the house and stared at it in awe. To say it was beautiful was an understatement, and you found yourself wondering who it was exactly Victor worked for. “Well, here goes nothing.” You walked up to the door and knocked a few times, waiting patiently until the door swung open. Inside stood a smiling Victor.

“Hello, (Y/n). You look nice.”

You smiled up at him, “You think so? I wasn’t sure if I was overdressed or not.” You looked down at your outfit; because you didn’t know exactly who you were interviewing with, you wore a tight black pencil skirt that showed your curves beautifully, a short sleeved white button up shirt, and black flats. You applied a little red lipstick to give yourself some color, and you wore your hair naturally. Victor nodded in approval, “He’s going to love it. Come on in.”

The two of you walked towards the dining room, chatting happily about your day. Before reaching the door, you looked at Victor, “Zsasz, who is your boss? You never told me.”

Victor smiled and winked at you, “You’re about to find out, sweetheart.” He opened the door and led you inside. “Sir, may I present to you, (Y/n) (L/n).” You looked up and into the eyes of the king of Gotham himself. You gasped a little bit and blushed. You had seen him on television before, and even though he wasn’t the most handsome thing to look at to most people, he was to you. You were automatically entranced by his ice blue eyes that seemed to be able to read your soul as you stared at them. His crooked nose made you want to kiss it, and his lips…

As you were busy gawking at him, Oswald took the opportunity to do the same back to you. The picture on Zsasz’s phone didn’t do you justice. Your (e/c) eyes were so bright they seemed almost ethereal, the way your cheeks were blushed drove him mad, and your rosy lips looked so inviting…

Butch cleared his throat to get the two of you to stop staring. As both of you turned your heads to look at him, a blush spreading over both of your faces, Butch smiled at you, “Hello, (Y/n). I’m Butch Gilzean. That over there is our boss, Mr. Oswald Cobblepot. Otherwise known as-” “The king of Gotham. I know. I saw you on TV before.” Your blush deepened and you offered your hand to Oswald, “It’s an honor to meet you, sir.”

Getting over his shock that you knew who he was, Oswald took your hand and gently kissed the back of it, “The pleasure is mine, Ms. (L/n). Please, have a seat.” He motioned to the vacant seat next to him, and you sat delicately.

“Would you care for some wine?” He stood up and offered you a glass. “Oh, no thank you, sir.” He smiled softly and sat himself back down, feeling a little foolish for standing in the first place. He continued to study your face, making your blush worsen yet again. You felt like your face might burn off if he didn’t quit staring, so you averted your gaze and looked down at the folder in your hand.

“I brought you my resume. Just in case you wanted it, sir.” You offered him the folder, and he took it gently, your hands brushing each other. “Thank you.” He opened it and quickly studied the page, “Zsasz tells me you’re in college, correct?” He looked expectantly at you.

“Yes, sir. I’m studying (college major) at Gotham University. I have included a copy of next semester’s schedule in the folder in case you wanted to see when I wouldn’t be available to work during the week.” You pointed softly to the folder, then quickly putting your hand back in your lap with the other one. “(College major), huh? That sounds rather difficult.” He responded, pursing his lips and glancing at the schedule you mentioned. “And these classes look very advanced.” You nodded gently, “They are, sir. But I’m making it. Slowly but surely.” You offered him a warm smile, and he looked back at the folder to not get lost in your eyes again.

“So would you be willing to work here when you are not at school? I know you’d also have schoolwork to tend to, but I would stop your duties at about 10 at night so you’d have time to work on them.” Oswald finally managed to look back up at your face, to see it was studying the room you were in. You glanced back at him, blushing when your eyes met, and nodded, “Yes sir. I would, if school wouldn’t cause too much trouble with what you need done.”

Oswald grinned, “Then it’s settled. You’re hired.”

You turned quickly to him, “I’m hired? Just like that?”

“Just like that. Come,” the king stood and offered you his arm, “Let me show you to your room.”

“My room?” You looked at Zsasz questioningly, who looked at you with the same confusion, “Sir, you never said anything about a room.”

Oswald looked at you with wide eyes, “But what if I need something in the middle of the night? You need to be here in case if I need you.” You thought about it then nodded, “Alright, sir. I guess I’m your new maid.”

Little did you know, being the Penguin’s maid was going to be the least of your worries.
I'M BAAAAAAAAAACK!!!! Excited thranduil  Did you miss me?! Probably not lol!

I'm so sorry for the hiatus, everyone. This semester was really, really rough. But it's over and now I have a few weeks to relax!

And what better way to get things started again than a new story with my newest obsession, Oswald Cobblepot from Gotham! I have just started watching the show on Netflix and haven't gotten very far, but I know spoilers of the first and second seasons so yeah.

So now to figure out where I stand as far as stories. This may take a while. I will probably send out a poll in a few days asking my watchers to decide what story they want continued first.

The story belongs to PrincessofLabyrinth
Gotham belongs to Fox
And you, my dear, belong to a very lovable Penguin Oswald Cobblepot Avatar 
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